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How should the breast collar fit?
The breast part of the collar must lie above the point of the shoulder and below the windpipe.

What position should the breeching strap be?
The breeching should lie about halfway between the horses's dock and his hocks.

What driving bit should be used?
There are several bits that are used but the main ones are: Liverpool, Wilson Snaffle, Butterfly and an Elbow bit.

I have a two wheel vehicle - please explain the balance
The vehicle should balance so that the shafts lie lightly in the tugs and do not weigh on the back or belly band.

Is it essential for my vehicle to have a swingle tree?
You must have a swingle tree if you are using a breast collar harness. If you do not, your horse will develop sore shoulders.

If you are using a full collar harness your traces can be attached to fixed hooks on your carriage.